Learning To Play The Piano Helps Improve Comprehension And Language, Says Research

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More and more parents are starting to encourage their children to become musically-inclined. Kids engaged in music lessons enable skill development easier. Further, the latest research revealed, learning instruments improve children’s other abilities such as reading comprehension, language, and much more.

Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology shared that piano lessons at a young age could improve comprehension of spoken words in correlation to their ability to distinguish one musical note from another. The respondents, with a background of playing piano, revealed promising results in reading comprehension activities.

Another experiment corroborated that learning the piano improves one’s understanding of language. Scientists from the John Hopkins University’s Peabody Institute did the study on jazz pianists.

Since jazz focuses on improvisation, the analysis focused on it by putting the respondents in an MRI. Dr. Charles Limb and Dr. Allen Braun looked at the results after the test and saw that improvising was connected to language, specifically self-expression and self-censoring. Therefore, learning the piano had an impact on a person’s individuality and communication skills.

These studies conclude that learning the piano indeed affects the intellect. Children could benefit from the skill in their social relations, their academic performance, and their musical inclination.

While they are young, the changes in the brain’s structure have a higher chance of retaining in the system and makes the mind work more efficiently. It also improves how a person processes information and memories.

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