You’ve Been Buying The Wrong-Sized Shoes, Shares Podiatrists

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A pair of shoes is one of the essential needs of a person. People use it for several occasions and purposes. Shoes are comfortable, but the discomfort comes when they are of the wrong size.

The College of Podiatry, an organization geared towards the advancement of foot care, tallied in their study that 44 percent of their survey respondents bought shoes that were too small, while 24 percent said that their pair were too big. On the other hand, 35 percent thought they purchased the right sized-shoes, but it turns out to be uncomfortable when worn.

Meanwhile, researchers from the University of Dundee in the United Kingdom found that elders have lesions because of rubbing and pressure from wrong-sized shoes. They also deduced that majority of their interviewees wore shoes that were too narrow.

Some tend to wear the same size their entire lives, shared data science, and education company The institution added that loss or addition of fatty tissues or other bodily changes such as pregnancy, aging, and weight loss also contribute to the foot’s structure.

The wrong shoe size leads to numerous foot problems. Shoes that are loose-fitting may lead to short-term conditions such as corns. Meanwhile, those that are too tight might cause ingrown toenails and infection due to the bacteria which could thrive in the feet.

There are also long-term effects such as collapsed arches that happen when the Achilles tendon and leg muscles feel pressure, and bunions. Getting the wrong size could also affect other body parts such as the back, causing the lumbar area to stiffen or to compress.

To make sure that the shoes fit perfectly, one must check that there is enough room for the toes to move freely. It is also best to consult experts for the correct foot measurement.

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