Eco-friendly Industrialization: New Low Voltage Industrial Controls As A Cost-Effective Alternative To Old Models

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Construction has evolved alongside humanity ever since humankind discovered tools during the New Stone Age. The human civilization has come a long way in constructing infrastructures and building society.

Control systems are the heart of every construction site. From a hundred years of using mechanical control systems, humans switched to electrical control systems in construction. The same voltage for control was utilized during the early era of electrical control system due to its easy accessibility and convenience. However, the uniformity of voltage control was deemed inefficient because of different sized electrical motors requiring different magnetic contractors.

Larger electrical motors required higher amounts of power to generate contactor hold-in and pull-in forces. Modern control systems are designed to have both power distribution to the driven devices and control of those devices.

At present, the technology that is being utilized in the construction industry is more eco-friendly because it consumes less energy. Electrical control circuits consume fewer amounts of power to control an enormous quantity of power for driven equipment. Furthermore, various energy sources are developed to power the control systems such as solar power energy.

Low voltage industrial controls have a wide array of advantages such as increased output and productivity, less consumption of energy, high process quality, and reliability, less risk of damage to the electricity supply system, less cost in electrical network compensation devices and sophisticated electronic control, and better efficiency of process equipment.

The global industrial controls market is expected to reach more than $160,000 million by 2024, and the global low voltage motor control centers market is projected to reach $4 billion by 2022.

North America makes up more than 50 percent of both markets. Other countries are urged to follow the lead of North America and Europe regarding good industrialization.

Nations are encouraged to utilize low voltage industrial controls to maximize budgets allocated for infrastructure development while being eco-friendly due to the less energy that is consumed. The productivity cost is reduced when less power is consumed.

Intensive machinery requires a lot of energy, but low voltage industrial controls promote better machinery performance while consuming less energy.

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