Environment Agencies Predict Prolonged Effects If Water Pollution Remains A Problem

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Clean water is one of the primary needs of a person. It aids in bodily functions such as cleansing the system and digesting food. Nowadays, most of the planet’s water is contaminated due to different waste materials humans dumped every day. The chemicals transpired from waste residues cause adverse and irreversible effects.

The United Nations’ World Water Assessment Programme presented that 2 million tons of sewage and industrial garbage gets dumped into bodies of water daily. It is equivalent to 1,500 cubic kilometers of wastewater which dominates clean rivers.

The UN also added that human waste causes water to be unsafe for consumption. In connection, the UNICEF shared that 63 percent of the rural area population practice open defecation. Without knowing it, the residents may have ingested fecally-contaminated water which could cause illnesses such as typhoid, cholera, and amoebiasis.

In 2010, the Toxic Release Inventory office recorded 226 million pounds of toxic chemicals in over a thousand bodies of water in the United States. The bulk comprised of nitrate compounds. Global health experts studied that exposure to nitrate causes cancer.

Therefore, individuals should not take a blind eye to the problem. The UN predicts that if the issue continues to persist, the planet would not have sufficient drinking water by 2050.

Not only will water pollution affect humans but also animals. Environmental experts examined aquatic animals might come in contact with unseen substances that could affect their habitat and their bodies.

It could also disrupt the food chain because those at the lower end of the web are already highly infected. Other fish have a higher risk of getting sick or dying. These effects emphasize the importance of clean water for the benefit of the planet’s inhabitants.

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