Fireworks Cause Most Fourth Of July Accidents

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The Fourth of July is an opportunity for Americans to celebrate their independence. Families gather to share food and watch the festivities. However, the excitement would sometimes result into unexpected tragedies.

Authorities comment that the Fourth of July is the deadliest American holiday. In 2014, the National Safety Council noted that in 2013, faulty fireworks alone led to eight deaths and 11,400 injuries. However, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) stated that 2015 had the most fireworks-related incidents with 11 casualties and 11,900 hospitalized. It added that overall, 280 individuals were confined for treatment each year, with people aged 25 to 44 getting hurt the most.

The CPSC also presented a data stating that the hands and the fingers are the most harmed. Regarding wound types, burns comprise 53 percent of the reported incidents. Often, re-lit fireworks are the leading causes of the damage that individuals sustain during Fourth of July.

Some also get the notion that small, handheld fireworks such as sparklers do not cause damage to the body. In contrast to the idea, Dr. Cynthia Brownfield from Mosaic Life Care testified that these could reach as hot as 1,000 degrees.

Despite the risks, fireworks will still be a part of the Fourth of July events. Therefore, experts recommended being cautious. CPSC advises individuals who wish to light their fireworks, never to let children hold them and only to use legal, consumer-grade fireworks.

Meanwhile, Dr. Brownfield suggests staying far from the launching space and to observe parental supervision among children. Families should also prepare a hose and a water bucket in case of emergency and stay away from fireworks when intoxicated.

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