More People Would Go For Composting Because Of Its Benefits To Plant Growth

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People accumulate reusable garbage in their homes without knowing how to use them. Environmentalists suggest creating a compost pit for better and more abundant plant growth. It is also highly recommended so that landfills would not overflow as it could pose a threat to those living near garbage dumps.

Gardening enthusiasts from Balcony Garden Web shared that using soil that consists of compost and manure enriches the soil with nutrients. It also eliminates bacteria in the land, making flowers and other produce grow abundantly.

Individuals who would like to try creating a compost pit could use organic matter such as kitchen scraps, paper, grass cuttings, and vegetables as suggested by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency. Some of these materials such as paper and leaves are rich in carbon, therefore increasing the energy levels of microorganisms. On the other hand, produce and grass contain enzymes that aids in decomposition.

The association also added that one should take note of the ideal partition of carbon to nitrogen. They recommend a 30:1 rate which means that the majority of the compost should consist of high carbon materials. However, the ratio could also differ, but it should also balance the amount of nitrogen because too little or too much could make the compost ineffective.

Regarding materials, home and garden experts Dengarden warns about putting grease, meat trimmings, and fish. Aside from their slow decomposition period, these could emit a foul smell and attract animals. They also discourage placing the cat, dog, or human waste because they contain unhealthy pathogens.

Dengarden also urges keeping the materials in a container with a handle so that dumping the contents into the compost pit becomes easier. The receptacle should be different from the actual compost bin.

The ideal season to start a compost is during the summer, experts say. This gives a chance for the materials to break down quickly and the compost should be ready for use during fall. The Ohio EPA corroborated the facts but noted other factors that speed up the process such as the fineness of the materials and the moisture and nitrogen content.

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