International Journal of Research In Ayurveda and Pharmacy publishes groundbreaking Trigeminal Neuralgia (TN) study on Biogetica’s Protocol for TN.

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September 25, 2019


The International Journal of Research in Ayurveda and Pharmacy has just published a research study on Biogetica’s Protocol for Trigeminal Neuralgia (TN) which is a blend of supplements with traditional Ayurvedic Herbs and Homeopathic Imprints of the Trigeminal Nerve and Myelin Sheath. 


Modern Medicine has no definite solution for TN as they are not sure about the real causes and any viable option available for the same. The treatments used for TN are not safe and can cause dependency while bringing little or no relief. One study showed that the most popular surgical procedure for TN Gamma Knife helped only 44% of patients to get relief from the pain. Therefore, there is an urgent need for finding an alternative solution to get relief from Trigeminal Neuralgia pain, which is becoming an epidemic today. 


The results of this study published on the natural therapies are groundbreaking as they show that natural supplements can bring quicker and better results than any other treatments including pharmaceuticals and surgical procedures such as gamma knife surgery. 


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In the study, 68% of TN patients felt improvement in health and relief from pain. This result has not been seen in any other system or surgical procedure available for TN. 


A total of 76 individuals participated in the study, out of which, 49 were female, and 27 were male. Among 76 participants, 24 patients (31.6%) were suffering from TN for more than the last ten years. 52 patients (68.4%) were under the diseased state for less than the last ten years.


The four Biogetica formulations (Neuralease, OM 13, TN Formula and HoloRam Cronisol-D) were given to different patients in different combinations. More than 65% of patients (50 individuals) took all the four formulations, whereas 11 participants received the TN formula alone. 4 people took a combination of Neuralease, OM 13, and TN Formula.


After using the Biogetica formulations, more than 50% study participants (40patients) have achieved a pain relief score of more than 5.


A maximum number of patients (26) got positive results in about 15 to 45 days. But, interestingly, 21patients got their pain relieved within 15 days. Neuralease alone showed its effect between 15-45 days. The combination of all the 4 Biogetica products showed its result at different time intervals, i.e., from less than 15 days to 90 days. 


About 61% of the TN patients said that there is an improvement in their health after taking the different combinations of Biogetica products. 32.90% of patients did not experience any changes in their health. Patients gave their feedback which revealed that as compared to the other combinations, the four formulas of Biogetica were more effective in improving the health rate of about 68% TN patients. 


Patients also said that after taking the Biogetica formulations they also experienced improvement in different day to day activities. More than 50% of patients were able to perform daily activities such as lifting or carrying groceries, climbing one flight of stairs, and bathing or dressing without any limitation and assistance. 

They confirmed that after treatment with Biogetica formulations, their work or other daily activities were not affected either by physical or emotional problems. 


People also confirmed that after taking the Biogetica protocols, they achieved confidence and good health. Almost three-fourths of study participants considered that they don’t fall ill easier than other people, and accepted that they were as healthy as anybody else. More than 50% of the patients were confident that their health would not deteriorate in the future also., a collective of Doctors and Scientists, has a sole mission of bringing nature back to medicine. Their Doctors are pleased with the results of this study, mainly because they have never seen results like this for TN. 54% of patients who have received all the four Biogetica formulations showed a pain relief score above 5 with an overall effectiveness of 68%. This is better than the results obtained for gamma knife surgery, which resulted in pain relief among only 44% of the patients. 


The improvement of psychological health among the patients was very promising. Therefore, these formulations of Biogetica can be a new option in TN therapy. This study has led to a safe and better therapeutic herbal based formulations. Thus, the use of Biogetica formulations is a safe and effective herbal-based therapeutic approach to overcome TN.


It is exciting and wonderful to see these advancements in the field of natural medicine with relation to Trigeminal Neuralgia.


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